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Hello Jungle Family!!!!
Due to circumstances beyond our control and availability of the auditorium, our December show of The Jungle Book will be Saturday, December 16th (not the 9th.) Rehearsal will be the week prior at the studio and on Friday Dec 15th at the auditorium. 

Elephants - Marina Boozer, Gabby Reeves, Rachel Sawyer, Skyla Helfrick
Wolves - Mia Yasin, Layla Reynolds, Karianis Diaz, Adyson Mitchell
Vultures - Amy Pipes, Victoria Sasson, Mary Huss
Colonel Hathi (Elephant) - Imani Jones
Hathi Jr. (Baby Elephant) - Kirstyn Strickland
Akela (Wolf Pack Leader) - Lena Stanley
Raksha (Mother Wolf) - Halona Kilby
King Loui (Orangutan) - Molly Stowell
Kaa (Python Snake) - Lily McClellan
Shere Khan (Bengal Tiger) - Celina Calligan
Bagheera (Black Panther) - Angelina Evans
Baloo (Sloth Bear) - Haylee Stowell
Mowgli - Briana Howard

June recital will be on Saturday, June 16th, 2018

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